What is Justice for Venezuela?


It’s an initiative organized by Venezuelans all around the world to demand this May 20th that the presidents of the free world take a stand for justice, and to ask them to: officially repudiate the electoral fraud, help the Venezuelans with refugee status, and demand that the case of Venezuela is referred to the International Criminal Court.

It’s a campaign that begins this May 20th, the same day that the Dictatorship intends to perpetuate itself in power, and that it will not stop until it has achieved the objectives.

We will collect signatures to support these three demands which will be taken a month later to the embassies of France, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Sweden, England, among others. All this in order for the world to listen to us and support the justice process that Venezuela needs to return to democracy.

These three requests are vital for the next months in Venezuela.

1.- Global disregard of the presidential elections convoked by the unconstitutional Constituent National Assembly that will be held on May 20th in Venezuela.

2.- To urge the implementation of solidarity mechanisms by countries that receive Venezuelan migrants, as stated by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in March of this year.

3.- To urge at least one of the 160 States that have ratified the Rome Statute to refer the case of Venezuela before the International Criminal Court, and to begin a formal investigation in order to judge those responsible of crimes against humanity in Venezuela.

We need all countries to reject the elections, open their doors to all Venezuelans in the world and to refer the case of Venezuela before the International Criminal Court.

Get ready to go out on the street this May 20th. It is time to raise our voices and to convert the 4 million Venezuelans living abroad into the most powerful and active diaspora on the planet.

The time has arrived!


" These violations of human rights in Venezuela constitute crimes against Humanity, therefore they can be judged by the International Criminal Court... cases like torture are clearly crimes of against Humanity ".

— Luis Almagro.