Justice for venezuela

Who we are.

We are more than 25 organizations of Venezuelans abroad, with the initiative of demanding this May 20, that the Presidents of the free world take the side of justice, officially ignore the electoral fraud, help the Venezuelans in a refuge situation and that the case of Venezuela is referred to the International Criminal Court.



What are we going to do?

We will collect signatures to demand that the case of Venezuela be referred to the International Criminal Court which will be brought a month later to the embassies of France, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Sweden, England among others. All this in order for the world to listen to us and begin the justice process that Venezuela needs to return to democracy.

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Venezuelans abroad, citizens from all over the world, this May 20th, let's get in The Hague the justice we've been denied in Venezuela.

On May 20th speak up, march and sign!

Your signature and the presidents of the free world can lead the Venezuelan dictatorship before the International Criminal Court.